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Luxury Piaget Altiplano 900P Replica Watch

Jewelry watch lovers, feast your eyes on the Piaget Altiplano 900P Replica Watch - the thinnest manually-wound mechanical watch with a case and dial covered in diamonds. Ultra-thin "haute joaillerie" has never looked better as the Altiplano 900P is transformed with 304 diamonds into the impressive Altiplano 900D. that the watch is still very thin, and for the most part, has the same look and feel as the 900P (hands-on here). The bad news is that, of course, some extra thickness is necessary, but it really isn't much. Even at the new "thicker" size of 5.65mm thick the 900D is still thinner that most of the competition. Really, the only difference visually is that now the case doesn't look thinner than the strap, and it also doesn't look like a coin with attached straps.

Piaget Altiplano 38mm 900P Watch

For this Piaget Altiplano 38mm 900P the Piaget production facilities in both La C?te aux Fées (movements) and Plan-les-Ouates (cases) worked closely together to get a matching ultra-thin case to fit the ultra-thin 900P movement. Piaget claims to have worked for a full three years together on this ultra-thin timepiece. The Altiplano 38mm 900P consists of 145 parts that have been meticulously made to fit together and result in the thinnest watch out there. A painstaking process for all watchmakers, engineers and designers involved. Some of the wheels used for the movement are barely thicker than a hair’s breadth and approximately 40% thinner then what’s considered to be normal.

The Fake Piaget Altiplano 900D watch doesn't have a separate designation for the movement, because if you'll recall, watch and movement are quite literally merged. The movement is built on the caseback as the backplate and together they are comprised of 145 parts. The movement operates at 3Hz (21,600 bph) and has a power reserve of 48 hours indicating just the time with hours and minutes. On the dial, you can view the oscillating balance wheel as well as the gear train and much of the mainspring barrel.

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